Heat Genius –Remote heating control

Remote Heating Control

Heat Genius allows you to control your heating from anywhere via your mobile, laptop or tablet.

Heat Genius – Smart heating control

Smart Heating Control

Heat Genius learns when you use your rooms and schedules your heating to only turn on when you need it – saving you time and money!

Save energy by only heating rooms when you need them

  • Heat Genius - Zoned controlled heating


    bedrooms warm up before people wake up

  • Heat Genius - Zoned controlled heating morning


    bathroom and kitchen ready and warm

  • Heat Genius - Zoned controlled heating late morning


    person working from home, only study is heated

  • Heat Genius - Zoned controlled heating afternoon


    everyone home, kitchen and living room heated

  • Heat Genius - Zoned controlled heating night


    living room and bedrooms warm

  • Heat Genius - Remote Heating Control


    everyone sleeping, bedrooms set to night time temperature

Heat Genius - Zoned house system explanation

Heat Genius – Benefits of the system


Heat Genius saves you time, money and energy.

Heat Genius – How the system works

how it works

Heat Genius easily fits into your home and lifestyle.

Heat Genius – Products


Explore how our products work together to control your home's heating.

Heat Genius – Design your system

Design your system

Create a Heat Genius system to suit your needs.